Deep01 uses AI to make doctors more productive

Our mission is to utilize AI technology to make the world better. Currently we are focusing on deep learning + medical images.

About Deep01 ?

The AI team is from the best computer science school in US, CMU. The doctor team is from the best hospital in Taiwan, NTUH.

Deep01 Service

A deep learning platform which runs 24-7 to interpret brain CT images.

Many Brain CT images
Key images with segmentations and results


Aside from cutting-edge AI technology, Deep01 also have the following advantages:

Computer Science

We are experts in algorithm development, system architecture, and cloud computing/storage/service.

Medical Center

We cooperate with top Taiwan hospitals which provide us sufficient and high quality data for our reserach.

Third-Party Validation

Our AI algorithm is externally validated with academic papers by professional doctors.


With cutting-edge AI technology, Deep01 always stands out in the highly competitive selection process.

In Nov. 2017, got 2nd place in the final of Dark Horse Contest which is the most famous and biggest startup competition in China.

Got 2nd Place in the final of Beijing Taiwan Startup Contest in Beijing.

Selected with full sponsorship by the government's Silicon Valley Plan.

Selected by the government's Angel Plan with National Development Fund.