Empower Physicians

DeepCT is an AI-powered CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) that identifies intracranial hemorrhage (ICH, brain bleed) and other critical findings on head CT scans.

30 Seconds
95%+ Accuracy
Save 3h40m *
in ED for ICH patients
20+ Hospitals

As a 24/7 peer view, it enables clinicians to make faster, more accurate diagnostic and treatment decision to optimize patient outcomes.

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Worklist Prioritization

The user-friendly worklist prioritizes the suspected abnormal cases and flag to assist in triage.

Save Time, Save Lives

With AI, it expedites the workflow by avoiding unnecessary delay, and help physicians to make critical decisions faster. Patients could be treated sooner and have better outcome.

AI-Powered Solutions to Detect and Quantify Common Abnormalities on Brain CT
ICH Volume
ICH Subtype
ICH Region
ICH Score
Evans' Index
Midline Shift
Skull & Facial Fracture
Analysis Report
Mobile ICH Alert &
DICOM Image Viewer